From the Desk of Sophia Perkovich,

Campus President

WE all know that the present economy, the Internet and new mega-successes like Google, Zappos and Apple are changing the rules of how to succeed in business.  I say mega-successes because these companies have brought so much more than financial abundance to themselves and their teams.  They have figured out a way to incorporate personal growth and happiness into their business functions as well.  Their leaders are using terms like interconnectedness, triple bottom line, double fulfillment, conscious business and thriving in their everyday conversations. They have become the inspirations that our students and many of us desire to model our careers/businesses after and yet feel overwhelmed and lost on how to even begin.

So, for the next few minutes I ask you to set aside everything you know or think you know about your job, your career, business, and business education and allow me the opportunity to introduce to you something that is unique, authentic and overflowing with possibility. I would like to introduce a new business course to you whose essence has touched and inspired success for everyone who has come into contact with it.  It masterfully incorporates the new business rules with long established business principles.

Yes, the rules to business have changed and Cortiva is now setting examples of how to evolve and achieve new success beyond the obstacles that are affecting all of us.  To accomplish this, we are opening our minds and revitalizing our purpose: To provide our students and staff with opportunities to challenge themselves to learn and grow academically, personally and professionally. We are reawakening our original mission to deliver innovative and practical wellness and health education to anyone who is eager to learn.  We have recommitted to looking inward and outward for other progressive educational opportunities that can bring fresh knowledge and wisdom to our community.

I am excited to share this with you because we are offering our students and staff a new approach to business education. I am proud to introduce to you entrepreneur, personal growth expert, business consultant and new pioneer and educator of business, Jeffrey Goodman, along with his revolutionary business course CareerHearted. Jeffrey has taught and inspired thousands of clients to achieve their dreams.  From international entrepreneurs to small business owners, Jeffrey has heightened awareness of success and life’s possibilities.  Since being introduced to this business course, my staff and students have received more than an instruction on core business tools, functions and a “hope” for future success, they are now getting the opportunity to experience first-hand that “…we are so much more than we ever thought possible.”   

From the moment Jeffrey walked through my doors, he instantly understood – to the core – our mission and purpose. Please understand this was very important because I am very protective of the Cortiva Community. Jeffrey was very present as I related my goals, philosophy and values.   He explained in detail how the CareerHearted course not only embraces the same type principles, it believes that “What you do in one thing, you will discover you do in everything…” and teaches how to apply these principles in every aspect of business and our lives.  As a matter of fact, the CareerHearted goal is simple: To awaken the heart and retrain the mind through empowerment and education.  

Now that really caught my attention.

Increasing enrollments, increasing retention and having a way to support students through completion are challenges that are a constant concern.  We all are experiencing that the old business methods of how to develop abundance for our schools, as a business, have changed.  For example, to stay successful we are forced to adapt to new approaches to marketing, and the moment we adapt, the rules change again. I knew that we at Cortiva needed to see beyond current habits and open up our minds to discover new ways to convey fiscal responsibility, conduct community outreach programs and increase financial success and personal abundance for our school while setting an example of integrity for the Cortiva Community.

Our other challenge is that the Information/Digital Age has forced a communication gap between generations that is now increasing faster and faster. We are now finding that the younger generations are often advising the old.  So, how could I get Cortiva to modify our beliefs while keeping our purpose as educators and mentors in sight?  What could we do to educate our students about new procedures to business and life while prepare them with the skills to be adaptable to other business approaches that have yet to be defined?  How do we develop our staff, our students, and ourselves to succeed in the current age of “Digital Information” and prepare for next age, the age of “Expertise and Connection”?

As Jeffrey introduced me to CareerHearted and discussed partnerships and opportunities to interweave his knowledge into our curriculum, I knew right away that this would be a perfect fit for Cortiva. I believe that the type of business wisdom and education CareerHearted offers is more critical now for all our schools and communities than ever before.   Jeffrey has designed this course as an essential component for anyone who is already in or is about to enter the corporate world as an inspiring sole entrepreneur or as part of a bigger corporate team.

I was so impressed with this innovative material that I invited Jeffrey and CareerHearted to lead my students and staff through this eloquently crafted course.   Why do I say eloquent? Well, what this course has given the Cortiva Community is beyond what I had ever hoped:

Angie Brei/Reiter – Cortiva Instructor: This course covers aspects of opening/running a business that is not taught in schools.  I think all small and large business striving for success would benefit greatly from this course as it creates the foundation of starting any business.  

David Spiker – Cortiva LMT: What an awesome experience!  This is the ONLY way to approach business.  Wonderful for those who already think with their hearts and ESPECIALLY for those who don’t!

Sarah Stauffer – Cortiva LMT: I’ve been to a lot of continuing education classes and this one has been by far the most beneficial.  I can take this information and apply it to all areas of my life to help me grow and succeed.  I leave this weekend feeling empowered and with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to have a healthy business.

CareerHearted has developed a real art to educate through example, as it entwines the 24 unique styles of perceptual patterning (learning) to teach very left-brained information in a way that right-brained thinkers can understand. So yes, each of my students and staff loved how they were able to understand and apply the details and steps of how to start and run their own business.  The CareerHearted course gave them the self-assurance and competence to know that they really could achieve the success and abundance they have set their intentions on.

This course is incredibly thorough. Jeffrey has a gift that enables him to convey very left-brained business concepts and strategies in a very creative and yet practical way. He explains how a business is organized by using mother nature and her elements as a model.  The genius of using this model has created a new understanding of business and a languaging that makes sense to students and my team. Interweaving CareerHearted into Cortiva has set a stronger foundation of cooperation to create new solutions for our current challenges and has renewed a team confidence that is strengthening our purpose and goals.

And there was something more that caught all my students and staff, and even me, by total surprise. It was something that that was masterfully infused into the course.  After the course everyone was buzzing about how they learned more about themselves personally than they had in a very long time.

Brian Watt LMT – Cortiva Instructor: The CareerHearted Intensive was like nothing I’ve ever experienced! Jeff does a masterful job of bringing to light every aspect of building and sustaining a successful business in a method that is applicable and understandable for both right and left brained people. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your business or have been established for years, this is a fresh approach that will truly stimulate your business success. Jeff is knowledgeable through his experiences and communicates the content in a way that is palatable regardless of how the audience processes information.

Lori S. – Cortiva LMT: I was completely blown away!  Thank you for helping me learn so much about business and most importantly about myself!  I feel confident that I can apply what I learned in this course to all aspects of my life.

 Jamie Law LMT – Cortiva Employee: This class allowed me to see that I could shift my thinking from “fear” to “success” and created excitement where dread and uncertainty had been. I will forever be grateful to Jeffrey for sharing this gift with us!

CareerHearted has not only transformed the way we at Cortiva have been thinking about business, it is transforming the way we conduct business and ourselves.  Cortiva is now putting into place new experiences of interconnectedness to increase enrollments while supporting our students through completion of personal and professional successes.  We are infusing the triple bottom line approach as we establish community outreach programs, increase financial success and increase student business awareness by setting healthy examples of our own abundance.  The CareerHearted course has taught us a thriving attitude, setting the stage for fiscal responsibility in our community and has inspired ideas for new scholarship programs and the importance of loan repayments for the students.

Jeffrey and CareerHearted are accompanying us to achieve a level of success that exceeds dollars and cents.  It is giving the Cortiva Community the ability to guide our students and staff through the process of incorporating the new business rules of whole prosperity in which the human values of compassion, fairness and spiritual balance thrive alongside well established business principles such as drive, initiative and innovation.

That’s the mission of CareerHearted.

I am honored to have them teach my students and staff and I am proud to introduce them to you as the new thinkers and educators of business, Jeffrey Goodman and CareerHearted.


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Sophia Perkovich – Cortiva Massage Therapy School Campus President