Welcome to CH 4.0

The new Online Course with Mentoring of the CareerHearted Program .


May 14, 2019

6pm PST, 7pm MST 8pm CST, 9pm EST




the entire CH 4.0 Online Professional Course and group mentoring calls with Jeffrey.


specific strategies, techniques and tools to start/grow your business with less effort.


from Jeffrey and the group taking the course with you. You are not alone on this journey.


your confidence and competence of running a business without compromising your heart.

 5 Simple Steps to get The Most out of this program.



a. Take the time now and block out specific uninterrupted times that are best for you in your week so you can watch the videos.

b. Put on your calendar the live Zoom calls and make them a priority. 

The group calls are VERY powerful and when the energy you give will be most magnified back to you

3) LOGIN: www.CareerHeartedOnline.

After the first Zoom call you will receive an email with your login information so you can start!

You can now experience the “like-live” online course on any device that is most comfortable to you. To enhance your learning experience, you will have free access to the workbooks, manuals and powerpoints to organize your exercises, activities, notes and questions.

You will be instructed to watch just a few lessons each week from the CareerHearted Professional Course. This will take you about 15 – 30 minutes per lesson. Some of the lessons will have and assignments for you to complete. The assignments are easy and meant to build on one another to specifically help you with parts of your business we all avoid.

4) JOIN US: Zoom.CareerHearted.com.

Ok… I confess, we are not at the virtual reality phase yet. In the meantime, as a team we are going to meet on Zoom calls to offer you Q&A, support and mentoring. These calls are designed to help accelerate your success with less effort.

The Zoom calls will include interactive breakout sessions. By engaging with a team you will enhance your ability to encourage co-creative accountability and mutual inspiration.  

Make these calls a priority! (I currently have 4 businesses and a personal life and travel. I will be on every call. If I can do it you can do it.) You know how energy works. When it comes to business, or just about anything you do in life, what you put in is what you will get back. However, here is the cool part of participating with a group: What you put in will be returned to you exponentially. This means what you put into the group calls you will get back even more in return. 

REQUIREMENT: when you are participating in the Zoom calls, please make sure you are always in a space with non-distracting background noise/activity.

5) PRACTICE: the Art of Integrating.

Find ways to integrate every day a little what you learned from that week into your personal and professional life. 

Did you know that studies have show that you forget about 60% of what you have learned in less than 72 hours after a workshop! By practicing the art of integration you will stimulate a new level of brain power with personal/professional success.


Together we are going to combined the power of learning with community to enhance your personal and professional growth as a business owner. By engaging as a group in weekly bite-size actions, we can eliminate the feelings of overwhelm and confusion by transforming them into powerful results with less effort. This will dramatically increase your chances of taking action, follow through so you can achieve the successes you have set for yourself.


Inspiring yourself while inspiring others is the fastest way to build self accountability. The new platforms for the CareerHearted Online program with mentoring will allow us face to face engagement to receive the help you may need as well as allow you to help others. This interactive co-engagement will develop a deeper co-creative energy source into your own business. 

You can engage with us anywhere at any time: On your phone, iPad/tablet, laptop or desktop.