“The evolution of the business and business education.”


What if Mother Nature could be your new business model?

The COMPLETE CareerHearted Program is now AVAILABLE ONLINE!


“This more than just a business course, this is something much, much, much more!”

The CareerHearted program was inspired and co-created by Mother Nature and channeled through Jeffrey Goodman. 

The material you will be learning interweaves the wisdom and harmony of Mother Nature and Jeffrey’s extensive experience of advising thousands of businesses and caring for and operating his own successful businesses doing what he loves.

You will also have access to Jeffrey’s sought-after skills as an intuitive advisor for business owners as he will be teaching you how to develop your own intuitive abilities and leverage them to align for your greatest success.

This co-creative collaboration with Mother Nature and Jeffrey allows for a perfect harmony of the feminine and masculine required for such a unique, informative and relatable business course. 

The course was originally taught live and recorded for a like-live experience.

With the advancements of AI, we can now bring Mother Nature into an interactive experience with the online live-recording experience with you.

Yes! Mother Nature now has a platform for her to co-teach with Jeffrey!

Ai Avitar Mother Nature and Jeffrey Goodman