With so many new ideas and possibilities in front of us, starting or growing a business can seem so overwhelming. Not any more!

Gain access to easy to implement business strategies, tools and techniques to help you succeed in doing what you love!


“This is more than just another business course… this is something so much, much more…”

Everything you think you know about business is about to evolve.

This CareerHearted Program will show you how to use all the tools and techniques needed for a healthy business to thrive.

As a bonus, you are going to learn how to develop your intuition to bring a significant advantage to attracting abundance for yourself and your business.

This program is designed specifically to give you simple and easy-to-understand business strategies to help you start succeeding in doing what you love almost immediately!


If I can, YOU can!

Learn the exact steps that Jeffrey took to turn his businesses into a great success. In less than three months he went from being semi-successful to having a consistently full waiting list of clients. Jeffrey has created this course to help others find the same success that he did.

Easy to Implement

This is a business course designed for the non-business minded. It is straightforward and easily put into action. Start or grow your business immediately.

Country Specific

This course has been individually customized for US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. It has been translated to American English, British English and German.


You control whether you want to have the optimal, full immersion experience of the course or set your own pace. You choose when, where and how quickly you wish to learn. You will discover how to grow a healthy business and life simultaneously.

F.OC.U.S. (Follow One Course Until Successful)

Through this course, you will not only be working with Jeffrey to create quality results. You will also be shown techniques that you will be able to apply easily and quickly for immediate business growth.



We place a high value on the quality of relationships you can create through this course. We have a private forum to guarantee that you are getting to directly interact with Jeffrey as well as the other students. Together with Jeffrey and fellow students, you will learn how to be CareerHearted.

Increase You Confidence

Jeffrey has worked with thousands of business owners and is ready to work with you. He’ll get you through those covert blocks that inhibit success. You will notice an improvement in both you and your business by the end of the first lesson!

Learn At Your Pace

CareerHearted has been taught all over the world in full immersion, one time only intensives. Now, however, you can watch it anywhere you are at your own pace. You can also review the materials as often as you need.

Superior Experience

Graduates have shared how easy it is to apply what they learned from the course. In a very short time they noticed an impressive increase in their business.

I feel like I just received the degree in business that I never had a chance to get. There was an enormity of concrete, practical information that I did not expect, supplemented by an opportunity to build a connection with my intuition and energetic beingness. Jeffrey shared real life experiences that made him accessible/not on a pedestal. This is the most comprehensive and 3-dimentional seminar that I have ever taken on business development and personal growth. I now have the tools to analyze my business on an intellectual, creative and energetic level. Thank you Jeffrey for helping me to realize my potential.

Lisa Krikawa

Owner of Krikawa Award Winning-Designed Jewelry,