Experience the live recorded online courses. You will get to learn with Jeffrey and the rest of the class as if you were there!

Our new online format is designed to allow you to enjoy the live course and material at times that are most convenient to you, in a location that is most comfortable to you and most importantly… at your own pace.

We have done everything in our power to create an atmosphere that allows you to experience everything as if you are there live. These videos will include questions and answers with the students as well as the breakout exercises that took place.


The perfect fit for your busy life

Whether you’re a night owl or you love seeing the sun rise, your CareerHearted course is here when you need it. Watch it all in one go, or break it down into bite-sized pieces that are just right for you.


Support when you need it most

Connection and collaboration are essential to course creator Jeffrey Goodman. That’s why he’s accessible in an online forum created just for you. This is for all your questions, concerns and queries about business and beyond.


A course that truly gets you

Your business is not just a business. It’s a part of who you are. That’s why CareerHearted works to connect you and your business, heart to heart – so you can build a foundation that you’ll feel proud of and inspired to grow on for years to come.


You will now have access to a private forum to interact and ask Jeffrey questions live, at any time, and get feedback and answers to your questions as if you were there in the class or in a private one-on-one with him. We have done everything we can to create a like-live experience for you to enjoy, learn and succeed!


CareerHearted is one of the few truly comprehensive business curriculums. There are a total of Eight (8) Modules/Chapters that cover all core aspects of developing a successful and healthy business.

The CareerHearted Program is divided into two courses: Business Essentials and Business Foundations, or one complete course: Business Professional.

These modules are delivered in a very specific order. Each chapter and lesson builds on the last so that you will know exactly what to focus on. You will no longer feel overwhelmed or lost. The lessons are live-recorded and filled with step-by-step videos, templates, resources, and action guides.


Your online experience has been designed to be easy and enjoyable.

Included is a forum so you have access to ask Jeffrey questions at any time.

Jeffrey is a master of understanding and teaching using all 4 learning styles:

Audio, Kinesthetic, Read/Write, Visual.

No matter what your preferred learning style is, we have you covered!

You will be entertained by Jeffrey (Audio) as well as gain a deeper understanding from over 900 slides (Visual & Read/Write) interwoven into the course (slide deck can be downloaded).

You will also be given workbooks so that you can fully participate in the breakout exercises (Kinesthetic) and learn from the interactive Q/A’s between Jeffrey and students. Manuals, templates, and full word-for-word transcriptions of the courses (Read/Write) are also available for download.


You will be given access to our private, members-only website!

The CareerHearted curriculum is carefully designed so that you complete each lesson in order to maximize your results and success. The system will track your progress so you can see exactly which lessons and assignments you have completed.

Each lesson will have an Outline, Overview, Video, place to take Notes, access to a Private Forum to ask Jeffrey questions anytime you need, and an Assessment to help you stay motivated and on track. Jeffrey is a master teacher. He has designed each lesson so that you can learn at your own pace and take easy actions without any feelings of overwhelm, time stress or mental fatigue.

8 minutes. Personal with more details.


Take this course anytime, anywhere, and on any device.



Everything in life follows a specific sequence to grow and thrive. For example, if a baby (or even an apple tree) does not develop and grow in the correct order, it will quickly fall to dis-ease! It is important to understand that your business follows this same sequence with similar consequences.

In CareerHearted you will not only learn about this sequence, we will model it for you. You get to learn how to grow yourself and your business in this same order. Therefore, it is vital that you complete the lessons in the order they were designed. This will also help you stay away from any feeling of overwhelm and ensure your ability to complete the course.


You’ll receive access to a 28 day motivational program to keep up your momentum. We are here to help you learn and take action as quickly as possible.


Don’t just take it from us, let them tell you!

“This course was the answer to a prayer! I wanted a road map and I definitely got it with this course. Thank you so much for helping me to remember the joy in my business again because I was very ready to give up!”

Patti Good

Wellness Coach & The Baby Journey