“This course will transform everything you think you know about business.”

John Hall

TRANSFORMATION This course is focused on preparing you for the future of business. Everything you know (or don’t know) about business is going to evolve. The Business Foundation Course is designed so that each chapter and lesson builds on the last. This way, you know what to focus on.  However, you need to start somewhere and that is The Essentials. This course will help you understand business in a language that makes sense to you.

Learn At Your Pace

12+ On-Demand Lessons that will remove the struggle of building a business so you can do what you love.



Learn the new business model that allows you do what you do best and how to enroll others to help you with the rest.


Business Whisperer

Your business is ALIVE! Experience first hand how to listen to it and understand what it needs to thrive.


Download the workbook, a full color 300+ page PowerPoint and a complete word-for-word transcript ($1997 value).

Without a shadow of a doubt, if you implement even a small piece of what you learn in the Business Professional Course to your business and life, you WILL improve both professionally and personally.

Many of our graduates shared with us that they quickly made back more than what they invested and some in less than a month and they continue to grow their businesses even now!

Here is our 100% guarantee:If you participate and do the work and do not find any value,then we don’t deserve your money and we will refund you 100% of your money.

It was amazing to learn how my business is a living entity and now I no longer feel alone in this journey. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this course having taken multiple business courses and seminars throughout my business career.  CareerHearted is by far the best and has opened my heart and mind to the amazing possibilities that lie ahead.  I couldn’t be more energized!

Nicole Yensan

Wellness Practitioner

Wow . . .if I would have had this class when I first started my business I probably would not have walked into so many walls.  I could feel the passion in which you teach the course and you held a space for all of us to learn.  Thank you for pressing the buttons that were necessary to move forward with my business.  I have no excuse now. . . my only option is success.   A deep heartfelt thanks!

Kris Freeman

BodyTalk, Access Pars, Reiki Practitioner

This course has given me tremendous confidence to pursue my business, and also gives me so many invaluable tools to develop it and get it started!   It was a great investment and I would recommend it to anyone interested in starting or improving his or her current career/business.

Michael Lepard

Health, Wellness and Fitness




Meet Jeffrey Goodman, founder of CareerHearted. He’ll share with you his personal journey that led to the creation of CareerHearted. He will share how he discovered that your Business is a Living Entity. He will share how your business’s health, consciousness and growth is closely tied to your own, and how you can use this knowledge to achieve greater success and fulfillment.



The key to success is learning how listen to the needs of your clients/customers and how to promote yourself in a way that they can understand. 

In this lesson, you’ll experience the Four Styles of Communication and Learning: Kinaesthetic, Visual, Audio, and Read/Write.  This lesson will instantly transform your business, your life and your marketing materials.



“Life is not happening to you. Life is responding for you.

Most business owners are unaware of all the people around them who would love to help their business grow. Whether you are aware if it or not, you most likely have people like this in your life. These people have a “golden egg” – a gift or skill to share with that will help you and your business succeed. How do you find these special people? Jeffrey will show you how to listen and pay closer attention to the people that surround you and the opportunities they may provide in your life.



What we think both positively and negatively about our JOB, WORK, and CAREER will have tremendous influence on our success. 

Jeffrey will work with you on recognizing old ideas and stories that may have been picked up from parents, grandparents, and society about business.  He will show you to quickly recognize how they may be interfering with your success. In this lesson you will experience first hand how defining, and potentially shifting, your interpretation of these three words (job, work, and career) will create a sense of freedom. You will learn how to build a more powerful and meaningful relationship with doing what you love.


“WHO AM I?” vs “HOW AM I?”:

“Who am I and what is my purpose?” is a common question we seek the answer to as business owners. What if there was a better question? 

In this lesson you are going to uncover (through questioning yourself) how you can best express yourself in the business world. Your answers in this section will reveal the unique skills you can offer your career and your business, both personally and professionally.

You are about to understand why there is such a big difference between answering the question “WHO am I?” and “HOW am I?”.



You are about to discover a whole new business model and how to fit it to your business.  Then you will see how it can make your career and life so much more enjoyable.

People are starting to move away from their day jobs ‘working for the man’.  They’re moving away from the old hierarchical business model. Instead they are seeking a more co-creative, collaborative experience. 

Small business owners often wear many different hats which can easily become overwhelming.  This new CareerHearted model will transform everything on how you look at yourself in business, as well as help you create a team that supports you to do what you love to do.



You are going to learn how to remodel your business after the most successful “business” on the planet… Mother Nature.

Get ready to transform to a whole new “from the heart” business model that finally makes sense!



Learn to follow Mother Nature’s business eco-cycle. Understand how the four seasons work and what to do to thrive in each season.

This lesson will give you the tools you need to competently promote yourself.  By the end of the lesson, you will understand when it’s best to promote yourself as well as what kind of promotional materials are needed.

You will also learn the psychology behind the buying patterns of your current and potential customers.  

This lesson will quickly transform any next-step uncertainty into “I know what to do now!”. Imagine no longer feeling the staggering sense of overwhelm that is so often present with owning a business.



The health and success of both you and your business is dependent on how well you understand what needs to be done to nourish and condition the dynamic energy of your business.

Creating a healthy business requires two polarizing energies: a Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy. In one simple exercise, you will expereince this dynamic duo at the core of your business as a living being.

Similar to how children learn beliefs and behaviors by mimicking their parents, your business is a perfect reflection of your own core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. 

Just when you thought your mind could not expand any further… Jeffrey is going to prepare you to experience, first hand, your business as it’s own living being.



This gives ‘business whisperer’ a whole new meaning. 

Even if you have owned your business for five, ten or even twenty years, you may be about to meet your career for the first time in your life.

This is what separates CareerHearted from any other business course you could take. You and your business will never be the same after this lesson!



“Play is the highest form of learning.”

– Albert Einstein

Now you’re going to put together and play with the tools you’ve acquired. 



With so many ideas and possibilities in front of us, business can seem overwhelming. Not any more…!

Imagine understanding how to balance the health and well being of your business.

Within the mysteries of your body there are seven energy centers.  Not so coincidentally, your business has these same centers.

Jeffrey will explain these centers as they apply directly to your career and how you can now diagnose the health level of your business within minutes. From there, you can decide if you like the level you’re at and whether you want to take it up a notch.

At the end of the course, you will be introduced to the CareerHearted Foundation Course where you’ll discover, firsthand, how to create a truly successful business that you love… and that loves you back!

This course not only gave me the tools for direction, it also showed me a completely different and new approach how to see, observe and create my business and career.  This course was not only eye-opening in a business sense but also awakening on a personal level.  I can highly recommend it to anybody in business.

Angelika Klotz

Wellness Practitioner

Sign up for this course before you do anything else!  Worth MORE than every penny. Jeffrey has great skills to be able to break down and teach to very right brain, non-business minded people in a ‘language’ that finally makes I have been creating and enjoying new successes so I can verify that what this course provides is essential for your survival. If anyone asks me for advice regarding starting or improving their business I tell them to take this course.

Rebecca Romine

Traver, Explorer, Small Business Owner

The course took me from being “reactive” to “proactive”.  It put me in the driver’s seat.  It created a framework for many things that I had known and many many more things that I didn’t know.  I recommend this course to anyone, no matter how long they’ve been in business!!  Even though I’ve been working in the health industry for 30 years this course created a new beginning for me . . . .  It could be a new beginning for you too.  Just take one step . . . do this course!

Janice Woolsey