Open Letter

It has become our greatest joy to engage with others who also choose to experience and live into their fullest potential! We understand that this journey takes awareness, self-respect, education, action and tremendous courage. We invite you to come play and work with other people of the heart who are also on the journey of their lives, dedicated to continually practice making the choices that will enable them to become free. We are committed to participate in the magic of the moment… your moment… as we experience together how with passionate hearts, clear visions, understanding of possibility and F.O.C.U.S. we can co-create anything.

~ CareerHearted ~

The Journey

This journey really starts when I was given my first camera on my 9th birthday. Finding a love for capturing images of life, I immediately developed an intimate connection with Nature. Being a shy and quiet child, she became my constant companion, guide, and teacher. When I decided to turn my love and passion of photography into more than just a hobby, I quickly discovered that the right-brained creativity which made me a great photographer and the left-brained systems and structures required to run a successful business were not easy playmates. Having no desire to become yet another ‘starving artist’, I chose spend a majority of my time studying the knowledge and procedures of cutting edge businesses. Along with my creative talent, I was determined to gain an understanding of the psychology and techniques of the corporate mindset so I could fullfil my destiny as a professional photographer

Inspired by the belief that there are many paths to prosperity, I continued my creative pursuits, while learning all I could about business and professional success. I studied the thriving careers of hundreds of accomplished and prosperous men and women and over the years, I became very well-versed in the language and traditions of the business world. To truly thrive, I learned how to develop a healthy relationship between my heart’s passion and my mind’s business-savvy. It was during this time of carefully observing specific ‘behaviors’ within my business that I began to notice that it seemed my photography career had a separate life of it’s own. It was this new awareness to devote specific attention and nurturing to my business that, it in return, offered us opportunities to achieve success very early in my career. This piqued the interest of my artistic peers, who began to seek me out for guidance. Thus began a sharing of my left-brained, logical knowledge of business along with the understanding that a business is a living energy with my right-brained, creative friends.

In 2003, after attending a four day hands on course about energy healing, I received a very clear message that I was about to begin a new journey. I was at the pinnacle of my photography career, when my success as a fashion/advertising photographer halted abruptly. It was a bit of a shock to realize that my life’s pursuit had been suddenly re-routed by the Universe. My mind urged me to resist this calling, and my heart assured me that I would be well taken care of. In complete disbelief, I chose to take my heart’s advice. Reluctantly, I launched my whole self into the world of healthcare to create a business as a wellness practitioner.

It was an emotionally uncomfortable start, to say the least. Fortunately, I remembered one very important lesson from my previous success: If I was going to thrive and flourish, I had to evolve – and quickly! Healing was new to me. I was completely out of my element and far from the world of photographing beautiful models all day and getting paid a lot of money to do it. I knew nothing about the health and wellness industry. I knew nothing about how to start (or run) a private wellness practice. My new colleagues were more skilled, more knowledgeable, more… everything than I was. Still, I found myself with a waiting list of clients – almost overnight.

Adapting and applying the knowledge I gained from my previous career as a photographer to my new calling, my practice grew, and quickly flourished. As the shock of change grew into the realization of achievement, I received an additional surprise – all types of healthcare practitioners: massage therapists,

energy healers, osteopaths, acupuncturists, naturopaths, physical therapists, yoga teachers, etc – all wanted to know the secrets to my success! Many expressed the desire for a deeper understanding of their own business. I experienced a sense of deja vu as my peers were once again seeking my guidance on business success, and I felt compelled to share with them my all of my knowledge and experiences.

However, this time I encountered an unexpected challenge…

Many creative individuals are drawn to the healing arts and they hold very unique, diverse and progressive perspectives on life. They often speak an entirely different language when it comes to thinking and discussions of creating abundance, success, prosperity, along with personal/professional growth...

If I was really going to help these talented practitioners share their gifts, I needed to find a whole new approach to bridge their paradigms of how they interact in their visionary, intuitive worlds with the analytical systems of traditional business structures and procedures.

As I embraced this realization, I recognized within me the ability and tallent to conceive something new, something very different. Looking out at my peers I saw their unique need and I suddenly understood how to completely redesign the sharing of business education and success with a holistic model of understanding. It was now time, to once again follow my heart’s guidance by calling upon my childhood experiences and teachings with Nature, all the wisdom of my life’s journey of personal growth, and the extensive skills gained by my achievements from my professional careers to embark on a new journey. With internal guidance I learned how to interweave ALL of these resources to create a new method of doing business and…

CareerHearted was born.

CareerHearted is not just about enhancing your business skills to start or run a successful business during a time of global evolution – it’s about discovering unique aspects of yourself and improving upon them in cooperation with developing your professional passions. CareerHearted is about approaching business in a way which allows us to build communities and relationships, and continue to establish an abundant life of spiritual and monetary balance. CareerHearted is about teaching how to live the journey and turn a passion into prosperity in such a way that aligns with Nature and her many secrets to thrive as a species.

CareerHearted has given me the opportunity to turn my own passions into a living purpose, so that theCareerHearted Community can positively impact the lives of many others – and I am grateful for the opportunity to share this with you.

With Gratitude,