Instead of just creating just another business course, we created friendships and relationships with 1000’s business people just like you to help us understand exactly what you needed to learn and how you needed to learn it

We were able to consciously design for you a business course that shows you exactly what you need to start or grow a business you love, as well as new and innovative approaches you had no idea you were needing to learn to make your life so much easier and business more abundant.

You now have access to 100’s of easy to implement tools, tips and strategies to do what you love successfully!

Innovative business education to learn how to start or grow your business.

“CareerHearted business courses brings order and understanding to something so complex, confusing and often chaotic.”
Daniel LaRoche – Small Business owner

Learn how to create a connection with your business that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
You will grow your business. You will grow yourself.
And experience how the two are more interrelated than you could have ever imagined.

You own your own business and you have passion.

Maybe you have taken other business courses and still feel that something is not connecting… something is missing. CareerHearted is business education designed to make it easy to learn about business, leaving you with a significant edge for success. You will learn from collected expert knowledge and shared by Jeffrey, who has had multiple business successes while simultaneously helping thousands of other people find their own success. This course that has been developed and crafted with love and care by people who have been in your shoes. People, like you, who wanted to do business in a way that is fun, deeply rewarding and from the heart. CareerHearted is what you’ve been looking for.


“Balancing the passions, skills and talents with the business knowledge to be a success is becoming a big problem in the small business world.”  – Robin Hunt – Business owner

Small business is becoming the new big business and it is filled with skilled, passionate people who want to create something they can call their own. People, like you, who are leaving jobs to seek out something that is meaningful, financially stable, and supports a healthy lifestyle. These people are starting their businesses and quickly discovering that having a skill or talent is not enough. Very quickly  business owners are feeling the burdens and responsibilities of running a business. They are discovering that they are left with very little time to live a life they love due to getting lost in “the overwhelm”. Most burn out and eventually give up. Something needs to change.

OLD LEFT-BRAINED BUSINESS MODEL vs RIGHT-BRAINED BUSINESS OWNERS. CareerHearted was developed because there was a need for creative, passionate right-brained business owners. Jeffrey has helped thousands and traveled all over the world. From his first-hand experiences, he has observed that over 70% of small business owners run and operate their businesses (and lives) from a more “right-brained” approach. Until now, there has been no innovation in business education for right-brained business owners. CareerHearted solved the need to rewrite and repackage business education into a right-brained format that is fun to relate to, easy to implement and most importantly – heart based.


Female small business owners are now surpassing male small business owners.


The majority of small businesses are in wellness-care service and arts related business.


Tend to have a creative, right-brained, passionate approach to business.


“Doing what I love” is overwhelmingly the favored goal.




career-aligned, highly experiential, learning curriculum

Finally a business course for those who follow their creative hearts.



Everything you think you know about business is about to change. Your business is alive and it’s time to be introduced.


This is the step-by-step “What to do now and what to do next” business-hearted program that you have been waiting for.


Intertwines both the Business Essentials Course and the Business Foundation Course into one complete program.

The feedback we continue to receive...


Increase Your Confidence

Jeffrey has worked with thousands of business owners and is ready to work with you. He’ll get you through those covert blocks that inhibit success. You will notice an improvement in both you and your business by the end of the first lesson!

Learn At Your Pace

CareerHearted has been taught all over the world in full immersion, one time only intensives. Now, however, you can watch it anywhere you are at your own pace. You can also review the materials as often as you need.

Superior Experience

Graduates have shared how easy it is to apply what they learned from the course. In a very short time they noticed an impressive increase in their business.