With so many new ideas and possibilities in front of us, business can seem so overwhelming. Not any more!

Gain access to the most innovative business strategies, tools and techniques to help you succeed in doing what you love!



PART 1: Everything you think you know about business is about to change. It is time we evolve past basic logical thinking and interweave a more heart based, intuitive approach to doing what we love.


PART 2: After the Essentials, to really thrive in business we must learn new, innovative approaches to business. You will learn easy to implement, innovative strategies and solutions to start and grow your business.


PART 1 & 2: This is the complete step-by-step “What to do now and what to do next” CareerHearted Business Course! If you are serious about being a success at doing what you love, this is where you will want to start.

I feel like I just received the degree in business that I never had a chance to get. There was an enormity of concrete, practical information that I did not expect, supplemented by an opportunity to build a connection with my intuition and energetic beingness. Jeffrey shared real life experiences that made him accessible/not on a pedestal. This is the most comprehensive and 3-dimentional seminar that I have ever taken on business development and personal growth. I now have the tools to analyze my business on an intellectual, creative and energetic level. Thank you Jeffrey for helping me to realize my potential.

Lisa Krikawa

Owner of Krikawa Award Winning-Designed Jewelry,


“This is more than just another business course… this is something so much, much more…”

By keeping the integrity of the heart, using Mother Nature as the business model, and sharing a very unique approach to the step-by-step strategies of exactly what you need to do to be a success at doing what you love, we are confident this is one of the best business courses out there.

Here are just a few examples:


Did you know that the birth cycle of a baby overlays perfectly with the growth cycle of a business? If a baby tries to grow out of its correct order, it will struggle to survive – the same goes for your business. Now you can discover the gaps in your business that have been keeping you from success.


Mother Nature’s seasons are a powerful model to quickly and easily understand the Cycles of a Business. You will learn how to follow these seasons and then you will always know exactly what to do now and what to do next for a thriving business while eliminating any future feelings of worry or overwhelm.


To help better understand how to build a balanced business, CareerHearted uses the seven main energy centers of the body as a organizational tool to better understand each aspect of your business. This approach shows you how to keep you and your business healthy and thriving for a long time.

To help us develop these courses to be better than the best, we worked with 1,000’s of business owners, just like you. We wanted to understand exactly what you want/need to know so you can do what you love and be successful.

CareerHearted gives you the most important, and easy to implement materials to learn how to start and grow your business.

This course is filled with innovative, practical, real world tools, tips and strategies, custom designed to teach you exactly how to make your life and owning your business easier and more abundant.