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If you are looking to build a future based on your unique strengths and passions, this may be the best business model for you.

“Jeffrey knows how to bring simple order to something so complex and often chaotic.”

An elegant solution to learning how to grow a business.

You will create a connection with your business that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You will be growing your business. You will be growing yourself. And you will learn how the two are more related than you could have imagined.

You own your own business and you have passion. You have taken other business courses and still feel that something is not connecting. Something is missing. CareerHearted is business education with a core design built to provide creative right-brained people with a significant edge. It has been crafted with love and care by someone who has been in your shoes. Someone who has had multiple successes while simultaneously helping thousands of people find their own success.  People, like you, who wanted to do business in a way that is easy and from the heart. CareerHearted is the missing edge you’ve been looking for.

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You’ve never experienced anything like CareerHearted.

For Right-Brained Entrepreneurs

Finally a business course for those who follow their creative hearts.


“I now understand how to get a business started. This is the official ‘EASY BUTTON’ I have been looking for.”

CareerHearted has been carefully crafted over the last five years:


If I can, YOU can!

Learn the exact steps that Jeffrey took to turn his businesses into a great success. In less than three months he went from being semi-successful to having a consistently full waiting list of clients. Jeffrey has created this course to help others find the same success that he did.


Easy to Implement

This is a business course designed for the non-business minded. It is straightforward and easily put into action. Start or grow your business immediately.

Country Specific

This course has been individually customized for US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. It has been translated to American English, British English and German.

Now you can learn new ways to eliminate the sense of ‘overwhelm’ that is often experienced when growing a business.


You control whether you want to have the optimal, full immersion experience of the course or set your own pace. You choose when, where and how quickly you wish to learn. You will discover how to grow a healthy business and life simultaneously.


F.OC.U.S. (Follow One Course Until Successful)

Through this course, you will not only be working with Jeffrey to create quality results. You will also be given a large quantity of tasks, tools and techniques that you will be able to apply easily and quickly for immediate business growth.



We place a high value on the quality of relationships you can create through this course. We have a private forum to guarantee that you are getting to directly interact with Jeffrey as well as the other students. Together with Jeffrey and fellow students, you will learn how to be CareerHearted.

EVERYDAY PASSIONATE PEOPLE.  Small business is becoming the new big business and it is filled with skilled, passionate people who want to create something they can call their own. People, like you, who are leaving jobs to seek out something that is meaningful, financially stable, and supports a healthy lifestyle. These people have passion, skill and talent. They are starting their businesses and quickly discovering that having skill or talent is not enough. Balancing the passions, skills and talents with the proper business knowledge to be a success is becoming a big problem in the small business world. Very quickly these right-brained business owners are feeling the burdens and responsibilities of running a business. They are discovering that they are left with very little time to live a life they love due to getting lost in “the overwhelm”. Most burn out and eventually give up. Something needed to change.


You Have Passion. We Know Business.

Let us show you how to take care of your business so it can start taking care of you!


LEFT-BRAINED BUSINESS MODEL vs RIGHT-BRAINED BUSINESS OWNERS CareerHearted was developed because there was a need. Jeffrey has helped thousands of people and traveled all over the world. From his first-hand experience, he has observed that over 70% of small business owners seem to run and operate their businesses (and lives) from a more “right-brained” approach.  Until now, the big problem for right-brained business owners was that business courses were being crafted by left-brained business educators. This only worked for the few left-brained business minded corporate leaders. However, Jeffrey realized there was a need to rewrite and repackage business into a right-brained format that is easy to relate to, fun to implement and most importantly – heart based.


The feedback we continue to receive is phenomenal.


This is a business course designed for you, from the heart.

With CareerHearted as a teacher, friend, and guide, more and more people actually feel safe to implement and grow their business in a way that is aligned with their hearts.

Increase You Confidence

Jeffrey has worked with thousands of business owners and is ready to work with you. He’ll get you through those covert blocks that inhibit success. You will notice an improvement in both you and your business by the end of the first lesson!

Learn At Your Pace

CareerHearted has been taught all over the world in full immersion, one time only intensives. Now, however, you can watch it anywhere you are at your own pace. You can also review the materials as often as you need.

Superior Experience

Graduates have shared how easy it is to apply what they learned from the course. In a very short time they noticed an impressive increase in their business.

Building a successful business from the heart.


THE NEW INNOVATION IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. This may come as a surprise, but the business education industry has cultivated, remarkably, very little innovation in over a century. There are slight adaptations but no real innovations. This is probably why 90-95% of businesses still fail within the first few years. To solve this problem, CareerHearted has created a new Feminine Business Model to show you how to grow your business in a way that makes sense. Jeffrey, the creator of CareerHearted, understands that the biggest problem business owners deal with is not getting an overall understanding of their business. As a result, they do not quite feel connected to what needs to be done and/or do not quite know how to do it. CareerHearted’s innovative new Business Model will show you how Mother Nature’s conception-to-birth step-by-step process overlays perfectly the exact step-by-step process it takes to grow a business. You will learn in detail how understanding the four seasons will help you strategize your spending habits and marketing tactics. It will also help remove any of that “overwhelm” or fear of what needs to be done now and next. You will start to engage with your business as if it were a living being. This approach will change everything you ever thought about business and allow you to learn how to grow a business that is fun, easy and encourages long term success.

•   •   •   •

When you start the CareerHearted course, you will understand the frustrations others have had with business courses they have taken in the past.  For these courses continue to only teach people steps 5-10 of business, as well as use the old Masculine Business Model. With CareerHearted, you will learn the critical missing steps (0-4) that are not taught in school or on other online business courses.  Only then will you learn steps 5-10, giving you everything you need to finally feel safe succeeding.

This is truly an all in one course, for half the price of most business courses out there.

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